Fascinating Facts About Your Muscles

Fascinating Facts About Your Muscles

17 Jul Fascinating Facts About Your Muscles

Our muscles are responsible for making our bodies move and function. In fact, muscles are even necessary for little movements, like smiling, and for big movements, such as running or throwing. So it’s pretty safe to say that muscles are extremely important, especially when it comes to fitness.

I’m sure we are all familiar with muscles and how they work, but there’s a lot more to muscles than we realize. So let’s talk about some fascinating facts about your muscles.

Fascinating Facts About Your Muscles

1. They’re Complex

One really interesting thing about muscles is just how complex they are! Your muscles aren’t just fibers and nerves. They’re complex tissues that help you move and, in the process, torch calories and fat to give you a lean, fit figure. Additionally, muscles are divided into three different groups: smooth, cardiac, and skeletal.

But what’s the difference between these muscle types? Well smooth muscles are involuntary muscles like your gut and muscular2blood vessels. These muscles work without you consciously thinking about making them move. Pretty cool right? Cardiac muscles, as the name suggests, are the muscles that are in your heart. And finally skeletal muscles, which are attached to the bone and help you with everyday activities ranging from sitting and standing to walking, typing, and doing housework.

2. Muscle Gains Happen Quicker Than Losses

This fun fact surprises a lot of people, but it’s true! While you might lose some muscle is you ditch the gym for two months, you can gain a lot of muscle in that same amount of time.

In fact in a recent study, two months off the workout bandwagon led to a 23 percent loss of strength in study participants. However, two months on the workout bandwagon led to a 47 percent increase in muscle strength.  All the more reason to stick with that consistent workout routine!

3. Makes Up 30-40% Of Your Body Weight

Considering how many different types of muscle tissue there are in the body, this makes complete sense. And it’s also a good thing to keep in mind when it comes to fitness, especially if your goal is weight loss.

All to often people rely too heavily on the scale to determine their results. But it’s important to remember that a scale can only measure your weight, not how much fat you’ve lost or how much muscle you’ve gained. So don’t jump to conclusions when you see the number on the scale, especially if you’ve been weight training!

4. Muscles Provide Body Heat

And they don’t just provide a bit of heat. In fact, most of the heat produced in your body comes from muscle contraction! Your muscles create at least 85 percent of your total body heat.

Ever wondered why you shiver when you’re cold? That’s because your body is attempting to warm itself up by rapidly contracting and relaxing muscles.

The Muscle Fun Facts Takeaway

All in all, muscle are interesting and complex. They are responsible for every movement we make, even a simple smile! These are just a few of the fun facts about muscles and how they impact the body.

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